History of the First War of the New Age

In Patropolis

Following the fall of King Bull II and the progressive policies, the new Patropolis Defence Forces reorganised themselves into the Patropolis Army Infantry, Patropolis Armoured Navy, Patropolis Air Force and the Special Helicopters, Armour and Reliable Counter Soldier (SHARCS). The establishment of the Patropolis International Military Intelligence (PIMI) led to the foundations of the strong military technology of the Patropolis people.

In the D.C.U.

The first test of the PDF was during the First War, when Alexinsky invaded Christantinople, and the PAF began their first bombing missions and the vessels of the PAN led to new exercises in military might. The First War lasted from 1914-1919.

History of the Second War of the New Age

The Second War started by the territorial ambitions of Snage, dictator of Alexinsky, was when they forcibly removed Patropolis from our protectorate West Island and invaded and occupied Darlington for 10 days before being removed. Following this, Christnatinople and Patropolis attacked Alexinsky and invaded them before removing Snage form power and abolishing the Bullist movement. This war lasted from 1939-1945.