Since the fall of the Predestined empire, the Adyti and the Alexsinky faced off 22 great wars. This bitter period was known as the Strive as the two empires competed to strive against the other, and greatest war lasted for 230 years, in the 13th Adyti-Alec War. The fall of the empire perpetuated an age of petty feudal kings, and brought about an age that lacked little invention or discovery. The wars resulted in stalemates and the deaths of thousands upon thousands.

The second part of the Strive (Known as Greater Strive) was ignited by the first-contact between the Colony of Eazon and the rest of the continent. The Eazons mad contact with the Adytians, believing them to be the successors of the Predestined, and trade throughout the continent began to flourish. This led to the establishment of the 15 city-states on and off the east coast of the mainland. They included Shakisha, Mesa, the Island of Vengala, the Island of Gala, the City of Mann, the City of Merchant, the City of New Rizk, the city of New new Karia, Sutherland, Senjicity and 5 others, whose names were lost to antiquity.