The governing body of Christantinople permits the the labour within prisons, in order for the convict system to pay for itself, rather than the tax payer. Due to high demand for criminals, the state actively purchases hundreds of thousands of convicts from other nations to work and perform menial tasks that benefit the state. This is legal under the 5th article of state and faith, that work is necessary for the continual survival of the people of the republic. The notion of 'he who does crime, must pay it back in time', is emphasised, for a prison system should be punishment, and punishment in the form of work backed up by secular and religious law. 

Currently, the prison population numbers 1.6 million. 90% of criminals do not derive from the DCU, instead most are transfered from the Minon Empire, the Republic of Patropolis, Jordania, the Batsky, Sutherland and many others. 

Convict trade in general is a multi trillion dollar industry, and allows for manpower in production, mining, power generation, cleaning and mandotry military service as part of the Convict guard. 

The rights of convicts are stripped, allowing forced work with nonpayment to occur. The right to food, water and other necessities is the only right assigned to the convicts. The right of life is the bare minimum, and convicts can then such be exploited for the benefit of all society. This system helps to reinforce the value of following the law, whilst reassuring those who are lawfully abidding citizens, to enjoy there full human rights. Convicts until there sentencing is up, are treated less than, purposely for goal of respecting the freedom of those who are moral, lawful citizens. 

Convicts are given a monetary value of one dollars per 100 head, and those life sentences are worth 2 dollars per 100 head. 

This system is necessary in maintain the laws and liberties of freedom in the DCU , and allowing the free markets to function efficiently. Convict exploiting and trading is seen as a high achievement and fundamental necessity in distinguishing between free democracies such as those in the league of nations compared to slave society's, the difference being people chose to be workers in the first. 

Therefore, the difference between free world nations and old empires we that the free use convicts, whilst the latter uses slaves.