Thefall, burning

The empire began to collapse 2500 years ago, cutting the colony of Eazon from the mainland, and was brought about by the Great Civil war, known as the Fall. The Northern tribal clans attacked and swept through the empire, raiding and pillaging. These northerners were mountain men by the Great lake, and barbaric in nature. They were closely related to the Broats, though the Patskis belonged to another ethnic family. 

The people of the Yords (Jordania) became free after they rebelled, and took every oportunity to cast out pagan influences. Temples were burnt, and rebelion was in full flight. The religion upheld a full conviction to evangelise to Non-Jordanians, with the beginning of sending missionaries. 

The general Ader, a respected general in the Predestined Empire, married a chieftain daughter from the tribe of Dity, founding the Adyti Dynasty, which created the civil war in the first place. The New house ruled the Northern Remnants of the Empire, where the ancient practices of slavery and Imperial Cult Worship continued to this day. They established the city of New Karia closer towards the Midland desserts. 

The Noble houses of the Sourthern provinces broke away forming the Alecsinky Empire, which was named after the first Emperor. The realm of Adyti was loyal to Imperial cult worship, whilst Alecsinksy was loyal to the Jordanian faith, forming the Southern Ekklesia. 

During the Great Fall of the empire, many of the Aristocracy fled north of the peninsular of Mina, founding the new kingdom of Minia. They were also loyal to the Jordanian faith, though the native Minioans were seen as lesser compared to the Aristocracy that had arrived.

Those who inter-racially married with the Minioan natives, were believed to be impure, and many were exiled eastwards to the land which would be later known as Patropolis.  They enslaved the Patskis, causing much hatred and division seen to this day.