The united christantinius empire 907213


The Democratic Chrisicc Union is one of the world's Superpowers and a member of the League of Nations. They have the Second Largest Economy in the World, and has the Third Largest population. The Union has had a long history dating back to the Predestined Empire, and are successors of the United Contingent and Chrissic Empire. The realm is a collection of co-dependent states, city-states and territories, which have decided to Unite together into a single Union. They include the states of Erming, Soulton and Norzen, the Crown lands of Central, the island of Surzan, the city-states of New-Rulesalem, Iber. Igalhurst, New Soulsbury, New Igalhurst, New Hopeton and Minster, the territory of the Galop Islands, Ezzean, and the colonies of the Chrissish Easterward Expanse. These lands are bound together in 'unconditional' unity, which form together as part of an 'Inseparable and Holy Domain', according to the Book of Prophecy as described in the east. These lands together are also united other than political union, in their language, currency, concepts, ethnicities, culturally and economically.


Founded by the Predestined Empire as the colony of Earzen in 1010 SC, the Empire collapsed into the, Adertian dynasty to the north, and the Alexinsky dynasty to the South on the mainland. The colony was, cut off from the mainland and thus evolved into a unique culture and language in Earzen. In 1576 SC, migrants, from the Gaspic lands (Now Patropolis) and Ancient Jordania, discovered the island and named it Chrisona. Since then, the name of the Island and political entities on it has changed variously explaining the many names of the land. The kingdom of Norzen, Erming, Soulton and Central were formed after that discovery by the migrants who came in by the thousands, and interbred with the local native population. In 1717, Chriscophus the Great, was the king of the kingdom of Central, unified the realm, forming the first, Unified Contingent and Chrislitic Empire (UCCE). He founded the city of Christantinople which was to be the Defacto Capital of the realm. In 1905, the empire was dissolved into the Democratic Chrish Union after the death of the last Emperor, Emperor Christophus XVI.


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The map of the Chrisicc Isles.

Name of Important cities-

  • Christantinople
  • Soulsburg
  • Soulsbury
  • Norza
  • Downington
  • Igalhurst
  • Port Southsby
  • Megaopolis
  • Flemingbridge
  • New Flemingbridge
  • New-Rulesalem
  • Iber
  • New Soulsbury
  • New Igalhurst
  • New Hopeton
  • Minster

The Rule of Law:

The governing head of the Union in Christantinople, permits The Prison Labour Law Act which has been controversial but nevertheless, a beneficial aspect to the preservation of freedom and liberty in society. It allows for the convict population to be worked, exploited and to be traded for the good of society.