The Alecsinsky Resistance (fmr. Alexinksy Empire)


Alecinsky is not to be confused with Alexinsky, despite the similar sounding name. Alecinsky is a more  

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modernised word which encapsulates the post-war empire, whilst Alexinsky refers to the Empire before Adytian Occupation.  

The Resistance is technically known as the F. A. R. (Free Alecsinsky Resistance), and aims to liberate their homeland from Adytian rule.


The Empire:

After the breakup of the predestined Empire, the realm was split into north and south, north being Adytian and South being Alexinsky, named after the dynasties that took charge. Ever since, Adytia and Alexsinky has had wars declared amongst each others over people, power, religion, territory and resources.

Modern History: The Great Loss

Following the loss of the 5th war, the Alecsinsky Empire dissolved completely and it's lands were directly absorbed into the Adytian Empire. With the catastrophe, known as the Great Loss, one of the world's oldest civilisations were occupied by a foreign power. The last line of Alex-Stracosky, was executed, ending the ancient line of kings. To this day, the resistance maintains political and cultural separation, as the spiritual successor to the Empire. 

The state of the Free Alexinksy Resistance (F.A.R.) occupies the territories of Cape Turcmany, one of the last strongholds of Alecsinsky opposition to Adytian occupation. Their mission is to liberate the former Empire from Adytian rule, to regain and rebuild their homeland. 

Alexinksy was believed to be the original homeland of the Predestined empire, around the Alec river.

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