Flag of the Adyti Empire


The Adyti Empire at the present, is the largest empire in the known world, having a great influence over Geo-political and cultural affairs. Believed to be the direct successors of the Predestined Empire, the Adyti Empire has lasted for nearly 3000 years, and boasts to encompass 35% of the world's population. It has the highest population in the world at 1.5 billion people, and is the seat of an empire that spans the Old World Continent, from east to west, and the New Continent, as well as a score of islands in between.

The Government is ruled under one god-Emperor, Adyti the 47th of his title. The empire's heartland rules over 11 provinces, with the Alexinsky occupied reaches and New, new Karia joining the empire a 20 years ago, after the 6th war.

The Adytian Empire follows the Ideology of Adytianism.
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