The Predestined Empire was the first great empire in history which was solely ruled by an emperor who once had equal power in the council, but however in times of emergency, his power had become absolute. The Adytian and Alexsinskian Empires claim to be the direct decedents of the Predestined. The empire grew from the tribe of Alec which was next to the river of the same name (the Alec River) and it's Chieftain was called the Karia who was also a military leader, bringing the 25 surrounding tribes into submission. The Capital city was also named Karia, and was built along the Alec river.

Jordanian civilisation also grew, and was unique in developing a dessert culture along the fertile banks of the river Yords. The developed a religion in this time period through the Prophets sent by an all-powerful spiritual force, whose writings culminated in the Essential Book. Their Holy city was the city of Rizk, named after their first Prophet. The Yords saw themselves as the chosen people.

The Predestined Empire like many of the surrounding tribes, believed in polytheism or the Old-time gods. They established temples to honour these gods, in the building of large temples. The empire continued to expand as a consequence of their discovery of Iron.

Soon the two civilisations clashed. Despite the deaths of thousands, the Predestined empire conquered the Yords, and Rizk was absorbed into the empire, forming an enslaved city at the head of a Pre-destined controlled province. The conquest also resulted in the destruction of the Holy Yord Temple in the city of Rizk, causing the faith from looking inwards, to looking outwards, hence helping to spread the faith to the rest of the world, opening a way for proselytizing efforts.

The Predestined Empire lasted for 1500 years, enjoying growth from the Minioan peninsular in the north to the alluvial allec plains in the south. From the Essey straits in the west to the colony of Eazen in the east. Eazen was the colony which was established upon the Chrisicc Isles and which would eventually outlive the empire.

The Empire was a civilising force, bringing many different peoples into the fold, and holding the dominion of over 69% of people on the mainland of the continent. Many Islands and the north were able to repeal their campaigns since they were fierce fighters and used guerrilla tactics.

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