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The National Flag of Patropolis

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Flag of the League of nations, the Banner of Unity, Freedom and peace for all nations.

Welcome to the Patropolitian Wiki

A fantasy, alternative universe where everything is what it is, but not what they seem to be. This world is similar to our own yet with many Differences

Brief Description

A planet where all is free and free is all (Most of the time). Nations, peoples, corporations and ideologies compete with each other in an effort to survive, or to change the world.

Locations of the world: (Geography)

The Nations of the Old world

Nations Famous Cities- Population Ethnicities Leaders

Republic of Patropolis R.O.P

  • Bluerock
  • Alby
762 Million


  • Broats
  • Crosnians


  • Bullski (Minioan)
President Senjay Patriko

Democratic Chrisicc Union

  • Soulsburg
  • Soulsbury
  • Norza
  • Downington
  • Igalhurst
  • Port Southsby
  • Megaopolis
  • Flemingbridge
  • New Flemingbridge
  • New-Rulesalem
  • Iber
  • New Soulsbury
  • New Igalhurst
  • New Hopeton
  • Minster
895 Million


  • Centralian
  • Solous
  • Norzennars
  • Surzaners
  • Erming
  • Igals
  • Ibers
  • The Flems

Non-Chrissi- (Hi-Ya)

  • Ezzeners

New Worldians

  • Numani (New peoples)
  • Minstermen
  • Outari (Outer people's of the expanse).
Leader of the Free World, Head the of Republic and Prime Chancellor of the Democratic Chrisicc Union, Tongi Civis John the Second.

The Alexinsky Empire

(Currently occupied by the Adyti Empire).

  • Alecity
  • Turcmany
  • Johnston
  • Calipo
  • Kurkiton
  • Grinli
  • Alton
952 Million Alsky (92%)


  • Turcmani (2%)
  • Calipian (3%)
  • Aditi (1%)
  • Outari (1%)
  • Jordanian (0.5%)
  • Minioan (0.5%)
Leader of the Alexinsky Resistance against Adyti occupation, Kurki Alecskov

The Adyti Empire

  • Adyti City
  • Karia
  • New Karia
  • New, new Karia
  • Shakisha
  • Babuma
1 Billion, 150 million Emperor Aditi

Essey Straits

  • Fessey

North Gala

  • Des-Kolarado
  • Senjicity

United Democratic people's of Gala (South)

  • City of Mann
  • Joshustan


  • Tithetirth


  • Sutherhope
  • Souzton

United Independent States (East Adyti)

  • City of Merchant
  • Karicity

The Theocratic Realm of Jordan (The Yords)

  • Rizk
  • Ru-Salem
  • Al-Byblos

The Stanley Islands

  • The Stans

The Free Minaioan Realms

  • New Rizk

Mesa Isles

  • Mesa 
  • Denzelton

The Nations of the New World

Important People

  • President Senji Patrick- Leader of Patropolis
  • Emperor Aditi- Emperor of the Adyti Empire
  • Christophous XVI- Emperor of the United Chrissicc Empire, Status- Deceased
  • Kurki Alecskov- Leader of the Alexinsky Resistance against Adyti occupation. Status- Unknown
  • Dr. Arnold- Head of the Numonics Corporations

Important Organisations

World (Government) Organisations

  • League of Nations
  • The World Bank and Fund (WBF)
  • Adyti Pact and Domain (A. P. D.)

Private (Multinational) Organisations

  • P. & P. P. (Patski and Power's Petroleum) - Petroleum Conglomerate
  • Al Phosky Guard - Private contractors, defenders of the Emperor Aditi
  • C. A. M. (Cooperton Arm's Manufacturer)- Private weapons producer
  • Numonics Corporation- Experimental technologies, inventions and secret Gateway (Wormhole) development


The Universalistic and Essential Faith (U. E. F.)

  • The Universalis Ekklesia- Faith of the Jordanian prophets, and their line of successors
  • Patropolitian Universal Church, in communion with the Universalis Ekklesia.
  • Southern (Alexsinky and Adyti) Communion, faith of the south and in communion with the Universalis Ekklesia
  • The Established Faith of Christantinople (E. F. C.)

The Imperial Cult

  • Aditi cult- Living worship of the Emperor
  • Old-time gods- belief in the Ancient Pantheon
  • Mystical Cult- belief in magic, sorcery and astrology
  • The Secres Inquirerius (S.I.): The Religious authorities and persecuting body of the Imperial Cult

Holy Keyism


Political Ideologies

  • Bullism- Bullic First rhetoric
  • True Democracy
  • Theocracy- Religious empire under supreme being
  • Monarchy
  • Utopianism- Another name for Socialism
  • Adytianism- Adytian First Ideology
  • Individualism- another name for Capitalism
  • Darlingism- The ideas established by P. Darlington, and notions of the Republic
  • Unionism- The Ideas by Emperor Christophous XVI, on the notion of political Co-dependence and Union of all Chrisicc realms.

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The UCE Emblem

The Emblem of the Democratic Chrisicc Union (D.C.U.)