in 1935, the Patropolis Government needed to create jobs to alleviate the Great Recession and so sent a contract for a new super-battleship. Shipbuilder Covine was tasked with the job and starting sea trials in 1938, the contract employed 2450 people. The ship was a behemoth and the longest serving ship in the PAN, still in service as of 2017. The loss of funds meant that only one ship of the class was built and it entered service in the First Fleet Group in 1939.

The PAN Demon is the widest ship ever in service with PAN. This was due to the need of the immense armour, turrets and weapons needed to be carried. The battleship was needed to be able to fire its rounds while being outside the return fire range. The ship has triple bulkheads and a reinforced interior to reduce chances of sinking and explosions from fires and flashes.

The Demon has 55 inches of belt, deck, superstructure, hull and turret armour using reinforced steel, ceramic and titanium materials. The ship can withstand 500,000 tonnes of bombs on the same area of attack. It is powered by 6 oil, 4 steam turbines running 4 propellers (pre-1960) 4 nuclear reactors running 4 propellers (pro-1960), both to 320,000 shp. The top speed of the ship was 32 knots.

The Demon houses the most impressive armament of all battleships ever built. It has 32 (26-inch) guns in quadriple turrets, 20 (18-inch) guns in double turrets along the wings, (pre-1960) 300 20mm cannons and 400 .50cal AA, (post-1960) two SAM launchers, 8 bow and 4 stern torpedo launchers and 8 deck torpedo launchers and the ability for the turrets to fire guided and shell armament. The triple turrets can gain a 90% accuracy at 55km range, well beyond the average 20km range.

The battleship on its own during The Battle of the South Sea sunk 4 aircraft carriers, 6 battleships and 8 destroyers while the enemy failed to detect or enter within range of the ship. It has served in the Second War, Hillacian Conflict, Minempire Conflict, Minempire War, Third War, Hillacian insurrection, Galah War, York War and the Fourth War. It is the flagship of the PAN Admiral Johnston and Johnston Jnr.