Keyism is a religion founded in the Andre kingdom (present day Andre territory in the Adytian empire). It holds to the belief in five God's that were one and had held the power to the keys of the afterlife. 

Keyism places a central belief in the practise of key giving, allowing for the exchange of sacred relics, as keys to the expansion of the heart, mind and soul. The religion emphasises on peace and good works, and is a prominent  in the south east of the Olde world continent. 

Believers gather in Keic Temples where the gifting occurs, and the priesthood of the keys guides the ceremony. They read from the holy book of the Five , and set up a heirarchy with the Keeper of the Keys at the top, and the Keic venials and Keic priests at the forefront. The holy city is believed to be Andre city where the 5 God's had established the afterlife on earth and thus a pilgrimage was made. 

Due to religious influences of a thousand years ago, the Keic religion took monotheistic undertones from Pressure by the Essential faith from Jordania and the development of Mysticism. Though old God's were worshipped, the Keys faced trouble by Jordanian zealots and thus, forced to affirm belief that the 5 God's were the 1 god, that he was in the form of the keys. In Jordanian faith, the keys are also important in that being how the monolithic God created this life and the next, hence having similar ideas.