Darlingism is a unique political system which differentiaties from most others definately. The ideals were listed by P. Darlington (1870-1903) was designed to keep both monarchist and government power in unison while being seperate. He created his ideology including the following:

  • The King is in charge of the Parliament but can be overrulled by a 75% majority vote on any bill or executive order
  • The King can veto power if necessary but only when the Parliament agrees.
  • The King is liable for any government funding and so must do all in his power to ensure that the economy stays firm.
  • The Parliament is in charge of all Social, Political and Cultural aspects of the country and can be overruled by the King and vice versa.

Darlington believed that if this was made possible, the Bullist monarchy would continue, however, Darlington disappeared following the Uprising and has never been seen since.