Being one of the world's superpowers, Christantinople is the seat and political head of the Democratic Chrissic Union.


Christantinople in Prehistory was the site of native tribes, as it was the ideal spot, built close to the delta of the Central River. There were steep hills nearby, with cavernous caves, hence the optimal location for settlement. The abundance of fish and fertility of the land attracted natives, and eventually the attention of the Predestined Empire.

The Predestined Empire through the colony of Eazsen, established an outpost in what is now Christantinople, which was called Picsta Esentious. This outpost was little more a trading outpost, and fishing village which helped transport goods up the river, to the east.

The Kingdom of Central arose from Picstra Esentious after the fall of the empire and they renamed it Stantinople after the lines of the kings, Stantinvous.

In 1717, Chriscophus the Great, was the king of the kingdom of Central, unified the realm, forming the first, Unified Contingent and Chrislitic Empire (UCCE). He renamed the city of Stantinople into Christantinople which was to be the Defacto Capital of the realm. This also cemented his marriage with the last surviving heir of the Stantinvous Dynasty, legitimizing his claim to the throne. In 1905, the empire was dissolved into the Democratic Chrish Union after the death of the last Emperor, Emperor Christophus XVI.