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The primary ideology that centralises around the divine worship of the line of the Emperors, from the Adytian and Predestined dynasties. The worship holds that the emperor is at the centre of the universe and is the intermediary between the old time God's and humanity. In such,the emperor is the living god-man, and demands worship. 

Adytianism is also a political ideology that centralises on the Adytian-First mentality, supposing that the Adytian  Empire will act on first and foremost, on its own interests. 

The ideas of humanism have also seeped into this ideology as Adytianism focusing on how individuals could work under a legalistic and moralistic framework to better Adytianism humanity. 

Adytianism also cements a social ideology, in which the Adytian race are the superior race, taken from social Dawnism, the belief in randomised selection for the development of the species. The race of the emperor is seen as the superior race, thus everyother race is seen as inferior, justifying the necessity for conquest and slavery of 'inferior' people's. This runs in direct violation to the Universal establishment of human values, which places worth on every man.